If the universe is only thousands of years old, how did light from distant stars reach the earth? At its current speed, light would take billions of years to reach Earth from distant galaxies. One solution to this ...problem, based on the known laws of relativity, was proposed by a Ph.D. physics researcher from Los Alamos National Laboratories. A former atheist, Dr. Humphreys discovered that combining biblical assumptions with the laws of relativity solved the mystery. He started with these assumptions:
1. The earth is near the center of the universe.
2. The universe is not infinite, but limited in size.
3. The universe has been “stretched out.”
The surprising result was the discovery that time moved in extreme “fast forward” for distant galaxies during the formation of the universe. It is a scientific fact that we live in a universe in which time moves at different rates, depending on your location. This “time dilation effect” would have been magnified tremendously as the universe was originally expanding. During this expansion, only days were passing near the center, while billions of years were passing in the distant heavens. This allowed light from distant galaxies time to reach the younger earth. The heavens look quite “old,” even though very little time has passed here on Earth. There is no contradiction between modern science and the straightforward statements of the Bible. —A Closer Look at the Evidence by Richard & Tina Kleiss



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