We don’t really understand the concept of fellowship as earlyChristians did. We talk about “fellowship meals” and “a fellowship hall;” however, just

eating together is not the only aspect of Christian fellowship. Just being together in the same place at the same time does not necessarily constitute
fellowship. The word “fellowship” originates from a Greek word that indicates a joint participation and having something in common. The early Christians understood this in a special sense.
The first time the word is mentioned after the death of our Lord is in Acts 2:42. There Luke records that the disciples continued in “fellowship,
breaking of the bread and prayers.” When we considerthat the church in the first century had no sign in front of their building, fellowship takes on a
different meaning. When we note that early Christians went through persecution from certain groups, fellowship becomes more beautiful. When
we look at earlyChristiansrelying and depending on one another, we see the depth of real fellowship.

Today, many of us don’t know the other members of the congregations of where we attend. We don’t know where they live. We don’t participate in
events with them. Our Sunday and Wednesday gatherings are often the only time we meet other Christians. Let us become more like the church of the New Testament. Let us reach out more to others. Let us be more willing to share our lives with those we love. Let us rediscover the beauty and joy of fellowship as the New Testament church did. Why not visit someone this week and get to know them better? You will get a great blessing and
understand better the joy of real fellowship.

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