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What is our reaction when folks visit at Lay Lake? Are we excited realizing their visit might open doors for Bible studies or perhaps a new member or family at Lay Lake? Do we make a point to welcome them and make them feel at home?

Here are some suggestions for dealing with guests at Lay Lake.

1) Approach our visitors with a smile and tell them how glad you are that they are here! It’s just that simple. People want to feel noticed and feel welcome. They want to see a smiling face. It is a horrible thing to feel neglected.

2) Make sure and give them a current bulletin and perhaps a House to House/Heart to Heart.

3) Be observant. If you see someone struggling with umbrellas, young children, diaper bags, purses, and other items, offer to help. Of course, this should be our practice with our church family.

4) Be willing to offer your seat! Invite them to sit with you or go and sit with them. This is especially true of someone with a small child or children or special needs. Be a friend!

5) If you feel comfortable, offer your “new friend” your email address or telephone number. Let them know that you are ready and willing to help. You must give out this information with discretion, but it can be a hugely positive message to a guest.

6) Offer to show visitors where their children will go to class, where to find the training room, restrooms, etc. You can usually tell when a guest does not know where he or she is to go.

7) Introduce our visitor to others. The return rate of guests is always higher if they meet other people. Make time to show visitors that they are important and that you care enough to introduce them to others in your Christian family.

8) Invite our guests to lunch. This can have the highest guest return rate of any one factor. This can make a huge impact even if they refuse or are unable to go with you.

9) Make sure and ask our visitors if they have any questions about our worship or about the Bible that we might help them with. Ask if they would be interested in a “home Bible study.”

We only one opportunity to make a GREAT first impression! We can talk with one another after our visitors are gone. Let’s make sure and put forth a special effort to make everyone feel welcome!

Suggestion: Hang around after Bible study and worship! Talk with others (visitors first) and allow others to talk to you. We need to get to know one another and we need to spend time together. We are family! Give our children time to talk to each other also. Think about it.



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