How Can We Reach People with The Gospel?

A couple of weeks ago at our April Men’s Devotional, the question was asked, “What Can We Do To Reach People With the Gospel?” We had a great discussion and a number of ideas and suggestions were brought up. Here is a little of what was discussed.

1) Invite people to Bible study and worship. Don’t be afraid. Make the effort. Carry some of our ‘business cards’ with the Lay Lake’s information on them (these are on the table in the foyer). Write your name and phone number on them. Carry several issues of ‘House to House’ in your car or ladies, in your purse and give them to people when you invite them.

2) Use the book, “Muscle and a Shovel” as a means of introducing the truth. Carry a few copies in your car and give them to people. Ask for a commitment, “Will you read this and return it to me in two weeks?” It won’t work until we use it. The elders are ordering a case of these books to give away.

3) Keep a few different titles of sermons on C.D. with you and give them to people and ask them to listen to them. You can do the same with Bible tracts. We have a large selection of tracts in the foyer and even more in the back. Follow up and ask if they have any questions or if they would be interested in studying the Bible.

4) Study the Bible diligently so that we can have intelligent, scriptural conversations. Study denominational views and compare them with the New Testament. We will only feel confident when we are adequately prepared.

5) Learn to be a good listener! Show people that we care by listening and learning about what is happening in their lives. It might be health issues, child rearing, elderly parents, job problems, marriage issues, etc. Listen in order to find ‘common ground’ in which we can initiate a Bible discussion. Listen to find what people believe and then kindly and gently ask why they believe that. Listen, listen, listen.

6) Follow up! Don’t just listen to people’s problems, difficulties. Look for opportunities to encourage and help with problems where possible. Don’t let the door of opportunity close. Let our elders know if there are special needs that Lay Lake can help with.

7) Begin this process with Prayer! Pray for wisdom, pray for courage and especially pray for the person that you are trying to help. Pray that “hearers” will be receptive to the gospel and have a good and honest heart.

8) Ask someone to help you if you are unsure. Set up the study (talk with someone, set the time and place) and some of us will be glad to take the lead and conduct it with you.

Thanks to all of our men for the input. Let’s give serious thought to these things and put them into practice so that we will reach the lost! This is necessary if Lay Lake is to grow and if we are going to be pleasing to God.
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In Ephesians 4:32 the Bible says, “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” Kindness is a natural result of love! We need to look for opportunities each day to show kindness in our families, to our neighbors, school mates; co-workers, strangers and our Christian brethren. We must make this a way of life in order to please God!




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