The Lukewarm Disease
From all sources that I can find, the “lukewarm disease” is by far the most fatal that man can contract, including such diseases as tuberculosis, leukemia, or cancer. All diseases seem to have certain symptoms. The “lukewarm disease” seems to affect most parts of the body. It is also highly contagious. It passes from one person to another and soon there are whole groups that are affected. If the disease is not stopped, its effects are not just external but also eternal.
Listed below are a few of the known symptoms of “lukewarm disease”:
• It affects the mind in that a person stops seeking to learn and teach.
• If affects the ears in that a person only hears what he wants to hear, thus destroying faith.
• It affects the eyes in that a person no longer sees or follows the “strait and narrow.”
• It affects the mouth in that a person no longer speaks the Word of God, or offers up singing and prayer on a regular basis.
• It affects the neck in that a person cannot bow his head in prayer.
• It affects the arms and hands in that a person no longer does the physical labors that are essential in a Christian’s life.
• It affects the heart in that a person’s love for God grows cold.
• It affects the legs and feet in that a person no longer gets to services or visits those needing encouragement.
Do you know of anyone that has the “lukewarm disease”? Not all have every symptom. Not all the symptoms need to be present to affirm that you or someone else has the disease. The “lukewarm” person is a most undependable human being. He faces separation from God. We might hate all earthly diseases, but the “Great Physician” dislikes the “lukewarm disease” most of all. As bad as the “lukewarm disease” is, it can be cured.
The “Great Physician” can cure you of this disease. The prescribed cure would be a big dose of Faith and a shovel-full of Work. If you have the “lukewarm disease,” now is the time to take the cure. Have faith in the Lord and His Word for the day is coming when man shall work no more. See Revelation 3:16 for what will happen to the lukewarm: “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of My mouth.”

                                                              Think About It!
Enoch’s walking with God was not interrupted by the common experiences of his life. “Enoch walked with God 300 years—and had other sons & daughters.” Some people suppose they could continue to walk with God if they were engaged all the time in ‘religious’ work; but they do not suppose it possible to maintain a life of unbroken communion with Him, when they have to be at work in the shop, in the office, or in the kitchen. But the truth is, we may stay near Christ just as easily when at our daily duties—as when we are at our devotions.
There is a legend of a monk whose great desire was to see Christ and touch the hem of His divinity. At his monastery, he waited in prayer and penance before his crucifix. He had vowed that he would see no human face—until his prayer was granted. One morning he seemed to hear a voice which told him that his wish would be fulfilled that day. With eager joy he watched. There came a gentle tap upon his door, & the plaintive cry of a child was heard, pleading to be taken in and fed. But the voice of the cold and hungry little one, was unheeded. The ‘saint’ was busy with his devotions, watching for the vision of the Master, & must not be disturbed. The candles burned low and the monk grew dismayed. Why did not the vision appear? All he heard was, “Unhappy monk, you may pray on forever. The answer to your prayer was sent today—it lingered, then sobbed, then turned away.”
God is quite as sure to come to walk with us, in the doing of some common task of love & kindness—as when we pray or sit at our Master’s communion table. “For I was hungry—& you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty—& you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger—& you took Me in; I was naked—& you clothed Me; I was sick—& you took care of Me; I was in prison—& you visited Me.” Matthew 25:35-36
Are YOU walking with God?



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